Economic numbers were bearish-PPI and claims both were higher that expected.It’s hard to believe in higher prices in this economy, but maybe there were New Year’s price hikes.The Germans are holding a press conference at 10:15 Central to discuss their economic plans.

March SP:Momentum buy day, 795, 797.50 are resistance
March NASDAQ:Doji yesterday, momentum buy day. 1200 resistance
March Treasury Bonds:Bearish under 128. 12630 is support.
March 10 Year T Note.12217 was the recent low
March Dollar Index:Trend line support at 8706
March EuroFX:Optimism about a forthcoming German bank plan is buoying the Euro.It’s on a breakout day rally, 127 was/is resistance.
March British Pound:Cable has resistance at 14410
March Canadian Dollar:8016 is resistance. Momentum sell short signal generated
March Comex Silver:1393 support
March Copper:Rallying on a breakout day, 15150 is resistance
May Cocoa:Trend line resistance at 2593
May Sugar:1317 is Fibonacci resistance

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