I wrote a lot below, hope that didn’t deter you from joining the contest. Here is the jist of it:

– The contest is free.
– The more people, the better the prizes (see below for the list of prizes).
– We’ll be using Wall Street Survivor’s group contest thingy.
– I’m thinking Feburary 2nd will be a good day to start. I’ll post registration info on that day.

Here’s who has signed up so far:

  • Rob
  • fiandola
  • Charlie G (sorry if I misinterpreted your comment)
  • Flip
  • Chuck

Including me, that’s 6 people, meaning we’ll definitely have a contest for the book and if we get four more people we’ll have some money prizes.

If you’d like to compete (and I think there’s a good distribution of the prize money) then please leave a message below. Any ideas are welcomed.

PS: Many thanks to Trader-X. Not only does he publish a kick ass blog, but he’s sent quite a bit of traffic. If we do make the 10 people, remember to thank him for the traffic. I’d also like to thank Rob for, not only his promotion of the contest (which is much appreciated), but for being the first to sign up.

Thank you.