24.2 – 2008

On the way, deep, deep down together with SPX.

Just a 3 example charts of international stocks & China Index with IV corrective wave top patterns together with bearish Head&Shoulders currently progressing V downside wave impulse. SPX 618-682, here we go….

It´s going be interesting how market is going to behave tomorrow as old bottom at SPX 840 comes, at least today market did not have courage to try to sell it through yet, one short lived rebound or directly through to the abyss ?

I am not sure is this slow progress down good news or bad news, but we still have plenty to go before even minimal target of fully impulse would be met.

Nothing much to add any of previous posts, it´s still wave 3 of 5 (3/5) on the progress, most likely wave 2/5 corrective is placed at the right shoulder in these charts. Still falling love with shorting & puts.