Thought I would try to be a gold bug for a weekend. 500 shares of NGD @ $2.01 with a stop order of $1.89.

I’m hoping this is a pullback and not the reversal of the upswing. My price target is at recent resistance of $2.50. The stock reacted positively to the FED news on Wed. along with other gold related stocks. This is a little bit of chase as I was looking at this stock yesterday under $2 but hesitated.

My goal is not to look at the price of this stock until the end of the day and make a decision on whether to hold over night. This one is capable of gapping down as it did today so I want to be cautious. However, the volume of buying the last 2 days spiked nicely so I’m hoping for a run up. On the daily chart, the recent support of $1.50 was a higher, low as well.