Citigroup’s stock is 22% higher on happy talk from the CEO. Other ban stocks around the world are rallying as well.Bernanke gave a speech at the CFR, I printed off the text but haven’t read it yet. Treasury auctions off a 3 year T Note today.Crude Inventories are out at 9:30 Chicago time.

March S&P:ID/NR yesterday, breakout mode today. 692 and 694.75 are resistance.
March NASDAQ:Momentum buy day, 1062 is pivot today.
June Treasury Bonds:Momentum buy day, 12503 is Fibonacci support.
June Japanese Yen:Breakout day. Is MACD moving to a buy signal?
June British Pound:Watch resistance at old 13957 low.
April Gold:905.70 is key support. Momentum buy day.
May Silver:1250 is support. Momentum buy day.
May Cocoa:Doji yesterday, look for a breakout.2300 is resistance.
May Sugar:Still heavy, 1238 is Fibonacci support.
May Coffee:10550 is key support.
May Cotton:Holding 4110 support.
April Crude Oil:Momentum is bullish.
May Soybeans:Held 863 support, 879 is resistance.
May Wheat:momentum buy day, 519 is support
All the grains have, or are getting close to bullish MACD crossovers. It’s getting to spring, so it’s getting to be that time.

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