Stocks are lower on profit taking; there’s no economic news due today.Quarterly refunding is this week; 3 year, 10 year, and 30 year on Tuesday through Thursday.The Fed’s Beige book is out tomorrow, and there’s a USDA grain report out before Wednesday’s grain open. The strength in the Dollar continues to pressure commodity prices.

June S&P:Doji Friday=directional move today?Watch support at 929.50.
September Treasury Bonds:Momentum buy day; has to regain 114-12 to get to a neutral footing.
Sept. Japanese Yen:Momentum buy day, scalp only.
Sept Euro Currency:The late May high at 13785 is support, momentum buy day. Bearish MACD crossover is coming up.
Sept British Pound:There’s trendline support at 15744. Another case of momentum buy day vs. bearish MACD crossover
Sept Canadian Dollar:Momentum buy day; 8875 is a 50% retracement of the 2H May rally.
August Gold:945 is next support.
July Silver:Broke Fibonacci retracement support at 1494; 1463 is the next downside target.
July Cocoa:Dojis Thursday and Friday; should be a breakout move coming.
July Sugar:Momentum sell short day; 1518 is support.
July Coffee:Momentum is at buy day levels, 12900 is support.
July Cotton:5424 is Fibonacci retracement support; will that are hold?
July Crude Oil:Doji Friday, having trouble over $69.6700 is support.
July Natural Gas:Doji Friday; will there be a retest of the recent low at 3.550?
July Soybeans:Momentum sell short day, having trouble over 1230.1215-6 and 1208-3 are support.
July Wheat:Downside breakout under 614; 609-7 is next support.Momentum is still bearish.
July Corn:More downside, 437-2 is support.

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