The G-20 meeting this weekend came up with……..nothing! OPEC voted to keep current production quotas; crude is lower, as would be expected.TIC flows (a measure of overseas holdings of US Treasuries) is out at 8 AM.Industrial production is out at 8:15.Continued optimism about banks is the driver once again.

June S&P:Bullish start to the session; 766.25 is Fibonacci retracement resistance.
June NASDAQ:Momentum is bullish; 1187 and 1191 are resistance points.
June Treasury Bonds:12400 was last week’s low, support. Momentum is on a buy signal, but that may not come until tomorrow.
June 10 Year T Note:Doji Friday, directional move down today.12108 is Fibonacci support.
June Japanese Yen:Tight range Friday, quiet so far today. Getting ready to move?
June Euro Currency:Breakout day rally, 13087 and 131 are resistance.
June British Pound:Breakout day, 14306 is the next upside objective
June Canadian Dollar:Trendline resistance at 7916.
April Gold:Doji Friday, watch 922 support.
May Silver:1287.5 is Fibonacci support.
May Cocoa:Doji Friday, watch for a breakout over Friday’s 2445 high?
May Sugar:Momentum buy day. Held 1281 support, 1300 is resistance.
May Coffee:Breakout setup today.11130 is resistance.
May Cotton:Momentum is bullish, 4350 is key resistance.
April Crude Oil:Gapped lower on the open; watch for an “Oops” buy if it rallies.
May Soybeans:Momentum buy day, 888 is resistance.
May Corn:393 is resistance, looks bullish.
May Soymeal:Doji Friday, breakout day today.281 is resistance. Swing Traders Insight Futures Watch List for March 16

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