October retail sales were stronger than expected, but a big downward revision to the Sept. number takes that away.  The Empire state survey was weaker than expected.  Lowe’s gave bullish guidance; Warren Buffett says that business has bottomed, but the recovery will likely take two years instead of one.  Bernanke is giving a speech, he starts at 11 AM.

Dec. S&P:  The little blue flag worked; trading over 1099 is bullish.  The recent high at 1103.25 is next resistance.
Dec. NASDAQ:  It looks good; staying over last week’s high of 1793.50 is bullish.
Dec. T Bonds:  An NR4 day Friday led to today’s breakout rally.  The Nov. high at 120-15 is the next rally objective.
Dollar/Forex:  Yesterday China’s chief banking regulator criticized the look US monetary policy; saying it could lead to excess speculation and new asset bubbles.  This combined with good Japanese GDP numbers are weighing on the Dollar.
Dec. Yen:  It’s testing the early Nov high of 1.1183; there’s also resistance at 11201.
Dec. British Pound:  A little upside followthrough form Friday’s breakout rally.  1.6676 was Fib resistance; it should be support now.  There’s resistance at 1.6729.
Dec. Canadian Dollar:  It has a breakout setup (ID, range contraction).  Thursday’s high at .9599 is the next rally objective.
Dec. Gold:  A sell day rally; took out the old contract high at 1123.40. Next resistance (trend line) is at 1136.70.
Dec. Silver:  A strong rally at is took out last week week’s double top at 17.78.  I have some resistance at 17.97.
Dec. Copper:  Rallying on an ID and NR7 breakout setup; the late Oct. high at 306.90 is the next objective.
March Cocoa:  A failed rally attempt on a breakout day (NR7); a break of today’s low at 3141 could be used for a breakout sale point.
March Sugar:  Rallying out of an ID / NR7 breakout setup.  Trend line resistance at 23.56 would be the next objective.
March Coffee:  Another ID / NR7 setup; a held trade over 135.95 could lead to a breakout rally.
March Cotton:  Breakout setup; watch 72.00 for an upside breakout point.
Jan Crude Oil:  Rallying on a Taylor buy day; will they reject trade under 77.25?
Jan Soybeans:  A strong open last night, but they gave up ground.
Dec. Bean Oil:  Gapped higher overnight; will this be an Oops sale?  Watch the mid Oct. high at 38.76 and Friday’s high of 38.61.
March Wheat:  A strong start last night as it took out last week’s high at 561-6. There’s trend line resistance (from the last two swing highs) at 569.
March Corn:  Rallying out of an ID / NR7 breakout setup; watch trend line resistance at 416-4.

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