Over the weekend the G-20 finance ministers met; they agreed that government stimulus programs should continue, and said nothing about weakness in the Dollar or other imbalances.  As a result, the green light is still on for carry trades.  This is pushing down the Dollar and pushing up risk assets-equities, gold, commodities.  Crude oil is higher as Hurricane Ida forced the shut down of some oil and gas operations in the Gulf of Mexico.  There are no economic numbers out today.

Dec. S&P:  As I wrote this weekend (read here);  the breakout setup trumps what should be a sell short day.  They cleared the first breakout point around 1070; further points are 1075 (breakout) then 1084.75 (target).  Dec. NASDAQ:  Following the S&P higher; 1753 is resistance.
Dec. Dow:  Testing the Oct. high at 10070.
Dec. T Bonds:  Watch out for a directional move after two doji days.  The Oct. low at 117-25 is support.
Dec. Dollar Index:  Big selloff out of a breakout setup (2 NR days).  The Oct. low at 75.085 is support.
Dec. Yen:  Sell short day after Friday’s breakout rally.  11078 and 11052 are support.
Dec. Euro FX:  Good rally from a breakout setup (2 NR days).  Thursday’s high of 14916 was the breakout point; 15016 was the first objective; 15062 is next.
Dec. British Pound:  Breakout setup; it cleared resistance at the Sept. high of 16742.
Dec. Canadian Dollar:  Good rally on a buy day setup.  Resistance is at last week’s high of 9439 then 9483.
Dec. Gold:  A strong rally after finally decisively clearing the $1100 area.  1110 should be resistance, but the daily chart doesn’t look overbought.
Dec. Silver: Showing strength after two doji days.  Clearing last week’s high of 1763.5 also helped.  An October top at 1797 is the next objective.
March Sugar:  It has a breakout setup (two bar contraction); the first downside breakout point is 22.28. There’s also some support at 22.15.
Dec. Coffee:  It’s a buy day. Support is 13850 then 13915.  The first resistance is 14230.
Dec. Cotton:  There’s usually a buy day signal after a breakout sale.  Resistance today is at 67.87then 68.43.
Dec. Crude Oil:  Another buy day after a breakout sale.  There’s tough resistance is the 78.80 to 78.90 area.
Jan Soybeans:  Had an “Oops” buy last night.  957-3 is a daily Fib retracement support level; 971 is resistance.
Dec. Bean Oil:  Rallying on a buy day. There’s support at 36.51; resistance is 37.38.
Dec. Wheat:  Another buy day signal; resistance is 508 then 512.
Dec. Corn:  A buy day rally; 379 is resistance.

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