PPI was about as expected, although the core rate looked high.Housing starts and permits were actually pretty good, if my quick look was accurate. Some of the gain is probably weather related, but comparisons are lower now. The FOMC is meeting; it’sa two day meeting,so we’ll wait for tomorrow for them. I think a recovery may be starting, although it’s still dependent on the banking sector.

June S&P:750 is support, momentum is bullish. Resistance is 758.
June NASDAQ:1162 is resistance.
June Treasury Bonds:Momentum buy day, 12517 and 12514 are support.
June 10 Year T Notes:Breakout day.
June Japanese Yen:Breakout day, 10130 and 10100 are support.
June British Pound:13950 is support.
June Canadian Dollar:Breakout day. 7909 is trendline resistance, 7820 is support.
April Gold:916 is support.
May Copper:The old high at17370 is a pivot point today.
May Wheat:Trading at 544-6 resistance.

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