US stock index futures are slightly higher-taking a break from selling off.Most other trade can be explained by the recovery in stocks.Pending home sales are at 9 AM Central, crude inventories at 9:30 AM.

March S&P:Momentum buy day, resistance is around 720.
June Treasury Bonds:Breakout, momentum sell short day. 12409 and 12407 are support.
March Japanese Yen:Breakout setup, 10220 was support, 10132 was the recent low.
March EuroFX:Momentum buy day, 127 resistance.
March British Pound:Momentum buy day, bullish over 14090.
April Gold:Doji yesterday, doji and narrow range so far today.
May Copper:Breakout mode coming into today, 16050 was recent high.
May Cocoa:Momentum buy day, 2300 is resistance.
May Sugar:Buy day, careful. 1280 and 1268 are support.
April Crude Oil:Momentum buy day, 4168 is resistance.
May Soybeans:854 is resistance.
May Corn:350 is resistance.
May Soymeal:25830 was recent low, looking to sell. Swing Traders Insight Watch List for March 3

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