How to Use Pivot Points with Support and Resistance

We have attempted to give you a background in trading.  Overall I learned to trade from Dr. Alexander Elder’s Book and Workbook, “Trading for a Living” back in 1996.  I actually failed the tests in the workbooks several times before I got it right.  I still think that that book is a classic and in a class all by itself. 

A second principle I learned from Alex, is that trading is a triune skill of Mind, Money and Method.  It is the basis of our training program.  With the mental and money management the most important skills.  But like a three legged stool, if you cut off one leg, you can’t sit down.

In the Method area, which I will share with you one part of the method, you have three parts as well.  One of them is how to use Support and Resistance in your trading.  We use these daily Support and Resistance areas as targets.  Why do they work so well?  It is because other traders “Think They Work”.  Remember in your trading your job is not to think, but to observe what is happening right now.

Check out this short video on Support and Resistance  associated with Pivot Points and how we use it. 

The calculation for the new day are calculated from the High (H), low (L) and close (C) of the previous day.  Our recommended software calculates all of this automatically, however we use a trick to get a 24 hour Pivot and Support and Resistance Lines.  Here is the formula  used by floor traders.

Pivot point = P = (H + L + C)/3

First area of resistance = R1 = 2P – L
First area of support = S1 = 2P – H
Second area of resistance = R2 = (P -S1) + R1
Second area of support = S2 = P – (R2 – S1)  and so forth.

Now Support always becomes Resistance and Resistance becomes Support in the markets, so you have minor Support and Resistance in many places on your charts.  The trick is to know which on is the target, so as part of your money management, you should always select a level that offers at least a 3 to 1 win to loss potential..

There are many nuances to using Support and Resistance with other indicators, Fibonacci levels, Ema’s and other indicators.  However, once you master the skill of target shooting, you will be much more profitable.

For a detailed video of how our complete system work with all the indicators, please go to the Futures Trading Room