Syneron Medical Ltd. (ELOS) announced the commercial launch of the elure topical skin whitening products in several Asian markets. The company will sell these products through its dermatologists, beauty salons and spas in Asia from the first quarter of 2010.
The elure skin whitening product is an enzymatic skin whitening treatment that targets and decomposes melanin to reveal a visibly lighter and exceptionally luminous skin tone. The product uses a naturally occurring bio-active substance, Melanozyme, which decomposes the melanin in a fast and safe manner with no side effects.

In the process, Melanozyme is combined with a bio-activator to diminish the dark colored pigment in the skin. The use of Melanozyme eliminates side effects such as skin redness and burning sensation which are seen in the case of other skin whitening products available in the market.

It has been estimated that skin whitening is one of the fastest growing segments of the global beauty industry. The global whitening market is expected to grow over 10% annually. In particular, the Asian market is estimated to be roughly $18 billion per annum in size and is expected to grow rapidly.   

Headquartered in Yokneam Illit, Israel, Syneron Medical was founded in 2000 and is engaged in the design, development, and marketing of aesthetic medical products based on its proprietary electro-optical synergy (ELOS) technology. Its medical aesthetic devices are powered by proprietary software, and use the combined-energy technology of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and optical energy (laser or non-coherent light).

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