I still have my touch. I was able to rank www.tazz.me (http://tazzproductions.wordpress.com) Tazz Productions website #1 on google for “international dj promoters”, #1 and #4 for “Tazz Productions” and #4 for “local dj promoters”. That is pretty awesome when you think of how much money I’m helping this company save in online marketing and google advertising costs. To get these rankings would have cost well over $3000-$5000. My next keyword goals are to get top “Honolulu Dj Service”. This is definitely a great start for the new website and company. Now we’ll just have to wait and see how many sales leads we get.

Here are snap shot photos of my top 5 high ranking in Google for Tazz Productions:

Ranked #1 on Google for keyword
Ranked #4 on Google for keyword
Ranked #1 #4 on Google keywords