Well, this rally and buyers are not giving up yet…

…as of right now, my bottom-fishing stocks have an unrealized profit of $380, especially with a pop in AIG and C today.

I could liquidate all these positions and probably capture $330 – which would wipe out all my recent losses from day trading in my prop account.

None the less, my rule set for these stocks is to hold on to them. Not necessarily as an investment but as learning experience. I have never had a set of stocks I’ve owned go up 70% in one week. I like the way it feels.

If this is not the bottom, I may get the experience of seeing a stock portfolio I own lose 90% in two weeks.

Remember, I only have $500 at risk here.

This will be interesting, maybe I will look back at this post and regret not selling now, or maybe I will say, glad you followed your rules.