The dollar is diving and the futures are flying this morning!

Word is that the Fed will remain doveish in their 2:15 statement today with no sign of tightening in the near future.  That has (as of 7:30) rallied gold 1.5% to $1,115 and oil is back over $80 and copper is $3.35 again while the Euro jumps back to $1.375 and even the British Pound squeezes the hell out of the shorts as it flies from $1.497 at 3:30 to $1.514 (1%) in 4 hours, which is a pretty big move for FOREX! 

The EU also helped themselves by laying out a groundwork for a financial lifeline to debt-stricken Greece, breaking a taboo against aid to cash-strapped governments in order to avert a crisis for the euro. Officials from the 16 countries using the currency worked out a strategy for emergency loans in case Greece’s plan for 4.8 billion euros ($6.6 billion) in tax increases and wage cuts fails to stave off fiscal disaster. “We clarified the technical arrangements that would enable us to take coordinated action which could be swiftly put into place in the event it is necessary,” Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker told reporters late yesterday after leading a meeting of Euro-area finance officials in Brussels. 

The EU is also meeting to discuss ways to reign in hedge funds and credit-default swaps but the revised bill from Chris Dodd is now so watered down by compromise that it no longer requires regulators to agree that excluding a swap from being cleared “is necessary and appropriate for the reduction of systemic risk.”  So what’s the point?   The problem is that there are $605 TRILLION Dollars of CDS’s written against a Global GDP of $50Tn.  Usually, it’s a red flag for the police when a person insures their home for 12 times what it’s worth, right? 

Hexagon Securities LLC and at least 19 other financial firms are pressing regulators to force swaps clearinghouses to lower entry barriers in order to improve competition in a $605 trillion derivatives market dominated by the world’s biggest banks.  They also seek tougher conflict-of-interest laws to ensure that a bank’s derivatives desk doesn’t influence clearinghouse decisions that could shut out new competitors.  ROFL – move to Russia, you Commies!  This is America, where big banks rule and “firms with less than $5Bn net worth” drool!  See, my daughters taught me that one – wins every argument! 

Speaking of people who rule our lives – Saudi Oil Minister,…
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