Big slap down in the grains today, led by european selling of their french milling wheat. Bottom line, I had bought the dip, and gladly took my 10 cent loss. Corn was down 30 today. Last night we were ten higher. Today we end limit sellers.
Thankfully I had stops in. I actually got short on sell stops in corn.

Just goes to show, you can be wrong and be ok. Not to many services or “advisors” talk about their losers.
Not the case with me.

The Long Stock Index is still looking good, even with the Bernanke speaking currently.

Greece, Greece, Greece, I am tired of it. The whole world is tired of it. Where it ends is anyone’s guess.

Crude Oil Rallied back to 95. We might bounce back to 102. So I’d be a cautious long, with a sell target at 97.25, and then 98.74. 91.00 was today’s low 91.14. we are currently at 95.15. I have said before and I will re state, I would be a seller of rallies in crude.

That is all.
Good Trading