Yes, this was the original title for today’s column before the editors got to it.

It was a very tough column to write, not because of the analysis or the market but because I find myself writing the same things all week. Having my 6-year old get up at 4:30 when my teenagers went to bed late the night before did not help. But the public demands short-term timing……

Here’s the bottom line – April will be a rough month. Check out my MarketWatch article from April 1 where I make that case – Goldilocks Meets the Bears.

Play it as you see fit. You can try to squeeze that last drop out of the rally or cash it in now. I won’t even suggest what to do in a free blog. But I can say that I do not subscribe to the idea that the market will continue to rally into a 50% gain that some fledgling bull markets give out when the zoom higher from deeply oversold conditions of the bear. We are not at the bull market yet.

To all celebrating holidays this week, may they be safe and meaningful. I will be writing the newsletter Thursday but will likely not blog again until Sunday.