There are a few reasons I love the calendar from

  1. It has broad based coverage of data from most countries.
  2. It gives rankings (low, medium, high) to the market significance of data releases.
  3. ChartClicking on the detail icon opens a section that shows data specs including description and market impact. It also has links to historical data and related news.
  4. Trading off data releases requires knowing what others are looking at and expecting. The ForexFactory site is popular site. In terms of visitors, it actually ranks in the top 3000 sites of all sites globally. That means a lot of people are looking at the site and that means the data estimates on offer are more significant.
  5. Clicking on the chart icon displays the data history – both forecast and actual.
  6. When you join up you can change the time setting to local time. It’s a handy feature.
  7. It’s free.

(Note, this is not a paid ad. I just think it’s a great site…)