February 18th, 2009

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Obama’s mortgage plan revives supply concerns

Bond traders were reminded of the U.S. governments massive need to borrow money by the new mortgage relief program outlined by the Obama administration. At least for now, fundamental weakness in the economy has been put on the back burner.

There were a handful of second tier economic reports this morning all of which outlined the dire circumstances that the U.S. economy is currently facing. Both Housing starts and building permits were reported to be lower than expected. This is also the case with industrial production and capacity utilization. However, the news that fueled traders came from the speeches delivered by President Obama and Fed chair Ben Bernanke. Despite the markets being on hold going into each of the events, neither seemed to deliver enough unaccounted for information to change impact the day’s overall sentiment. With that said, Bernanke noted that the government’s rescue efforts seem to be improving the strained credit markets and may have contributed to some of the weakness in Treasuries.

Coincidently, the recent rally stalled at key technical resistance areas and the market appears to be waiting for guidance from equities. I would be reluctant to risk money on the direction of Treasuries in the near term, but it if I were a more aggressive speculator I would have to play the downside in the next session or two. This is simply because the equity markets seem to be oversold and due for at least a temporary rally ahead of its option expiration, as well as the fact that Treasuries are facing significant technical barriers.

Major resistance in the Bond remains at 130’06 and again near 133’04. Should we see a rally to or near 133 I would feel much more comfortable being a bear. In the case of the 10 year note, 124’26 should have marked the upside ceiling but if the rally finds additional steam compliments of continued equity selling we could see 126 at which point I would become highly bearish.

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