In a recent interview, prolific writer and former Wall Street analyst Michael Krieger of predicted not only a looming financial collapse, but the “complete collapse of everything.”

Krieger outlined a world status quo that is under immense pressure and is on the brink of collapse economically, socially and politically.

Although some see Brexit as a potential trigger for an economic collapse, Krieger believes the British decision to leave the EU is “going to cause a lot of confusion and chaos,” but “I don’t think it’s going to lead to an economic collapse.” However, he said that since the stock market has been up for seven years in a row, “We are bound to have a downturn.”

Krieger does see Brexit as a sign of the “disintegration” and “ultimately the overthrow of the status quo regime,” which was created after World War II. Such a change will be “Much bigger than an economic crisis.” He believes that “the establishment, the basic principles that have been guiding the world for 80 years are what are going to be overthrown.”

Kreiger has stopped writing about debt because, to him, it is “obvious” that debt is one of the factors that will contribute to a “complete collapse.” He tries to look at the bigger picture, which includes debt, war, corruption and the public’s disenchantment with the current economic, political and social system. He said that every institution, every political establishment, and the very social fabric are “near collapse” and “will be replaced by something else.” He has no doubt collapse is coming. The only question is, after the collapse, are we going to get something better or something worse? He is trying to make sure we get something better.

Krieger’s biggest fear is that after collapse, we could get authoritarianism. All the key variables are already in place, he said. Homeland Security sells weapons of war to police departments and we have the foundations for a surveillance state to lock down the population when society crumbles. Such policies are justified under the guise of fighting terrorism, but Krieger believes they have been put in place because the elite “knows how vile they’ve been, how parasitic,…and they know ultimately there will be a reaction….They figure when everything blows up, they can” use terrorism as a justification for locking everyone down.” Krieger is working to make “people aware, so we don’t get tricked into an authoritarian police state.”

When will the collapse occur? Krieger said, “The economic downturn…could come at any time.” He sees Brexit not as an economic cycle that hit, but as a political revolt. The people are “willing to blow up the entire relationship with the EU just to stick it to the establishment.” He said, “The pitchforks are out.” He sees Trump, Sanders and populist movements throughout Europe as evidence that the public are fed up with the status quo. “This is far bigger than the economic collapse we are expecting; it’s a political collapse.”

Krieger sees conflicts in Syria and tensions between China and the US, and Russia and the US as signs that war could erupt at any time. He believes that we are in a “very, very dangerous situation.” Elites would “rather blow up the world than lose their positions of power,” and, he warned, “War is a card that the elites love to play throughout history” to maintain their position.

Although he is not into survivalism, he does not believe such people are crazy. However, he said, “I’m focused on winning the intellectual war against these people, and I think it can be won.” He wants people to be aware of the coming collapse and is working to create a positive world after the collapse. Even so, he owns gold, silver, bitcoin, and cash to survive the transition period into what he hopes will be a better world.

By Patrick MontesDeOca