Today, there is not a single government in the world that has provided an adequate or sustainable solution to our global monetary crisis. The most prominent criticism from Keynesian apologists regarding our monetary crisis is that there is no better system than the one we are using and that supporters of Austrian economics always complain but offer no solutions. This simply is not true. Rather, our global leaders refuse to hear or consider the solutions we present.

Today, citizens desire real change, not change disguised as maintenance of the status quo that politicians and bankers offer to us. Today, we are unfortunately afflicted with a state of learned helplessness. In crisis, we turn to our governments and bankers to help us out, a very foolish response since it is bankers and governments that have created this crisis. How can we expect real change from the perpetrators of this crisis? Any real positive change that has benefited citizens has always been sparked not by the State, but by individuals. Today, the results of our dependence on bankers and governments to produce change will result in certain failure and more restrictions on our freedom.

To this end, I present to you a book called the Golden Gift that I hope will spark discussions, raise awareness, educate, and raise heated debates. Inside the Golden Gift is an idea that I believe can revolutionize the current monetary system and ensure that the current global economic catastrophe of massive unemployment and currency devaluation that plagues nations in the Americas, Asia and Europe will be unlikely to ever repeat itself in the future. Not only is this idea a relatively simple idea to implement but it would also impact humanity in a massively positive manner, from helping to alleviate poverty, to restoring peace between warring nations, to destroying the conditions that give rise to terrorism. It is a simple idea yet one that would have profoundly positive humanitarian implications in an indirect manner as well as a direct manner. And most importantly, it is an idea that could be implemented despite the strong opposition it would assuredly receive from Western governments and bankers. While far from a perfect solution, I hope that my idea will spark a discussion that will eventually create an implementable solution if the one I have presented currently contains too many flaws.

To promote understanding of the concepts I present in the Golden Gift, I have also produced the video series below entitled “The Golden Gift” that you will find on this page. I strongly believe that one must have, at a minimum, a basic understanding of the artificial framework in which we live where those in power constantly sell propaganda to us as truth, if we are ever to break free of their mental and psychological constraints. I believe that we must explore the reasons why society holds so many widespread beliefs to be true that are not, and why we often hold beliefs so tightly for no other reason than the fact that someone, somewhere, at some point in our lives, ordered us to believe it. If we can understand this, then perhaps we can awaken from our century long slumber. And at least that is a start.

The Golden Gift, Part One – A Modern Solution to an Unsound Monetary System

The Golden Gift, Part Two – The Lies of Academia & History

The Golden Gift, Part Three – The Fake World of Art, Music & Politics

The Golden Gift, Part Four – Financial Blowback & the Empire of Illusion

The Golden Gift, Part Five – The Truth Will Set You Free

Brief Excerpts from “The Golden Gift”

In order to make this book as accessible as possible, I decided to limit its length from a standard 60-80,000 words to less than 15,000 words. So without further ado, let’s begin our journey of discovery in understanding the roots of this crisis and how we can fight back against the grave injustices being perpetrated by bankers through the global financial and monetary system today.

The root of every chord of economic discontent in every country in the world today has a common denominator – an unsound monetary system. The numerator may differ from country to country but the denominator is always the same. An unsound monetary system robs your wealth daily. This maxim holds true whether you live in Nairobi, Montreal, Berlin, Mexico City, Amsterdam, New York, or Tokyo. An unsound monetary system perpetuates poverty, terrorism, and wars. An unsound monetary system creates ever-increasing gaps in income between the rich and the poor, enabling the top 1% of the world’s richest families to unfairly manipulate financial & capital markets to create a bigger division in material wealth and income between themselves and everyone else. An unsound monetary system grants the families that control Central Banks absolute control over not only currency valuations, but also real estate valuations, stock market valuations and commodity valuations. An unsound monetary system grants the families that control Central Banks the unjust power to set artificial interest rates that would not exist in free markets, and consequently, the unjust power to deflate and inflate all asset valuations at will. This is precisely why the patriarch of the richest banking cartel in the world, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, stated, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” This is precisely why the JP Morgans, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, et al ensured that today, all citizens utilize an unsound monetary system.

In an unsound monetary regime, the families that rule Central Banks, perhaps no more than a dozen families worldwide, have established a system that enables them to manipulate all capital markets to the downside as well as to the upside for their benefit only and to the detriment of all people. The poor and middle class and even the majority of the rich have no access to theses mechanisms that allow Central Bankers to create risk-free wealth for themselves year after year. Thus, today, it is no mystery why huge income disparities between the top 1% of wealthiest citizens and the bottom 99% of citizens in every country have formed and continue to widen at an alarming rate.

I decided to write this book because as of the date I have released this book, no Central Bank or government in the world has presented a single solution that addresses the collapsing global fiat currency system and the burgeoning sovereign wealth crises in a sustainable and viable manner. All Central Banks and governments seem only intent on covering up the massive problems in our current monetary system and delaying financial collapse rather than presenting the truth and working towards a viable solution that addresses our current formidable problems. Without implementing a sound monetary system, bankers will retain the power to continue manipulating our monetary system to continually cause cycles of crises in the future. Thus, a sound monetary system is a paramount and NECESSARY first step towards the prevention of massive financial crises in the future. There can be no financial “reform” without the implementation of a sound monetary system and any government that presents a financial “reform” in the absence of establishing a sound monetary system cannot be trusted.

I have only posted a few paragraphs from my book above. The entire book is freely available on my website at this link, . Since the topics I address in my videos are topics in which most people hold very adamant opinions that are almost always based upon emotions and not fact, I expect many people to vehemently disagree with the points I make in my videos. Consequently, in order to foster a much more constructive forum and dialogue here, I would like to suggest that people read my book and then return here and focus the majority of comments on my book and not my video. For additional fiercely independent wealth management consulting & research that is committed to helping citizens avoid the massive fraud perpetrated in the global financial system and helping them remain solvent and profitable throughout the global monetary crisis, visit us at

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