Bulova Technologies Group compensated The Green Baron by 30,000 free trading shared for a stock promotion, while from Axial Vector Energy Corporation it received 130,000 shares. Let’s look at each of the company separately.

Bulova Technologies Group, Inc. (BLVT.PK) markets, sells, and integrates software products. At the moment, the stock is at $1.82, i.e. up by 0.50%. Unfortunately, it is very hard to tell anything about the financial side of the company because it isn’t reporting to the SEC since 2006. In addition, the news on the announcement about the incorporation of a new, wholly owned subsidiary, BulovaTech Labs, Inc. also looks like hype.

Another member is Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC.PK) which owns, develops, invest in and licenses revolutionary technologies including, internal combustion engine and electric power generator technologies. Similarly to BLVT, AXVC does not report to the SEC. However, the stock price is at $0.28 after a rise of 4%.

To sum up, both companies are trying to improve their image by stock promotions. For this reason, investors should carefully consider this and only then invest or think about the opportunity of investment in the company.