Nothing really does change does it? You’d think that after more than 70 years the Government would learn to stay out of the free markets. Even back then people were complaining about the manipulation and interference that went on. We may have a few years scattered throughout the decades when it’s really OK to use the word “free” to describe the markets, but then it’s back to business as usual for the Gov’t to get involved and make a mess of things.

I wonder if in 2080 they’ll still be making the same mistakes that they made in the 30’s.

When the Government makes business bad in Wall Street, it hurts business throughout the nation.

The day will come when these reforms and regulations will cease because they are doing more harm and helping no one. After these restrictions are taken off, then the market will show a larger volume of sales per point and there will be a more normal market.

When once again we have a free market and everybody is permitted to trade who can put up the money, there will be better business and general prosperity. Lut us all pray that the day of reform and regulations will soon cease as it is best for all concerned that they should.

W.D. Gann
Forecasting Course
August 12, 1939