A local businessman here in Vancouver who happens to be a good friend of mine forwarded me an email he received from the president of a local automotive dealership. If this letter is authentic and I’m being told it is,can really goes to show you how desperate people can become during tough times.

I remain firm in my opinion that weak business models should be allowed to fail and make way for the strong who will buy them up at fair value. At this rate the governments of the world should have to reimburse investors retirement accounts that have sustained major losses during this bear market. Every bailout is going to cost us in years the length of time for a real recovery to begin. We really are mortgaging our future to get through the present.

There has to be a line drawn somewhere if this crises is ever going to resolve itself. This letter is nothing more than an intelligent, albeit equally pathetic approach to panhandling.

Dear XX,

My name is XXXXXXXXXXXXX and I am the owner ofFlag Chevrolet – Chevrolet Truck Ltd.I employ 85 employees in the City of Surrey.Our community and the entire Canadian automotive industry needs your help.

As the US government prepares to consider financial support for the North American Car industry, I urge you to tell our government that they need to offer proportional repayable loans to the Canadian auto industry at the same time – we can’t wait.

I need to stress that inaction is not an option.The automotive industry represents 1 in 7 jobs in this country – a higher percent than in the US.The choice is between supporting the auto sector with repayable loans so it can lead Canada out of this recession or denying support which could result in severe depression impacting hundreds of thousands of jobs and communities in this country.

Before the automotive industry was side-swipedby the credit crisis that they did not create, GM was already working hard to become a leaner, greener and more innovative Company.GM has already taken significant and painful restructuring steps to lower Costs and adopt a more competitive business model which will be shared in detail with government.I sell GM vehicles and I can vouch for GM’s progress in terms ofTechnology, the environment and fuel efficiency – and so can the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who purchase a GM automobile every year.

As the owner of an automobile dealership, I also want you to know that asking the industry to consider bankruptcy is not an option.It will not work because I cannot sell – and my customers will not buy – an automobile where I cannot guarantee it’s warranty and parts replacement.

I am writing this letter on behalf of my employees and the hundreds of thousands ofCanadians who earn their living by working in the automotive industry.So are the millions of Canadians who drive GM vehicles every day.I ask you to join us.

I have been a General Motors dealer for over 40 years.During that time the industry has evolved from basic transportation to where our cars and trucks have technology that requires multiple computers.

The economic strength of our country is tied to our manufacturing industry.Losing a 100 year history is not good for Canada.

Please call your local MP to support our industry or access on Facebook. If you are not currently a member, it’s free to join.http://www.facebook.com/GM Once you are logged into Facebook go to the search command at the top right hand corner and type in
I’m for GM and this group will show on your screen, click on the group to become a member. Thank you for your time and understanding.


Flag Chevrolet – Chevrolet Truck Ltd.

Just came across a startling graph showing the enormity of the 2008 bailouts. I’m speechless and disgusted.

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