So I’ve been at the Money Show in Orlando where thousands literally) of investors are cruising around a hu-mon-gous hotel and conventions center, The Gaylord Palms hotel gets better every year I am here. Today’s I took a stroll through the everglades – inside the hotel! Gators, fish, turtles, rivers, palms, you name it.

But you don’t care about that. What you might care about are a few observations.

First, the exhibit area looked about 20% smaller. And some of the usual suspects were not there. In fact, one of them has been sending out flyers via email for free six-month subscriptions to their services. Wow! Anything to get new customers.

Next, the bookseller reported that he cannot give away a certain mad celebrity tome (9 bucks) vs. its $40 or more regular price. I am going to interview him after the show to see what books have met a similar fate.

Finally, the average age of the attendees seems to have gone up quite a bit. Not that older investors are not quality customers but the ranks of the young are noticeably thin.

One thing I did not see is a blanket markdown or even hot sales of merchandise at the hotel retail shops. I guess if someone can shell out the cost of staying here and eating 12 dollar burgers with $3.50 juice bottles they do not need sales.

But back to investments. From my view, there is gloom everywhere. A good chunk if lectures deal with “the bottom.” but not “the bottom is in”. Its more of an absession with telling us things look bad.