Most articles I have written over the years of doing Lessons from the Pros have been mainly focused on highlighting various aspects of successful trading, ranging from trade plan formation, objective technical analysis, risk management techniques and even mastering the inner mental game. The list is pretty extensive. Each article either myself or a colleague has written is simply there to help both active traders and complete novices to better understand what it really takes to become consistently profitable in all market conditions and more importantly, to preserve their capital at all costs. I hope that these snippets of information help people to get a better idea of what we do at Online Trading Academy. I know that thousands of our readers have gone on to visit one of our many worldwide schools and enroll in our lifetime education programs, eager to begin their own journey towards trading success in the best possible way. I know how these people feel, as I too was a student of the Academy many years ago.

Having been through the education process and having developed my skills to become an instructor myself, I will always be the first person to say that anyone out there who is serious about trading and investing and wants to have the greatest chance of making it work, simply must get themselves educated without exception. For most however, this is not the case. Many try and go it alone, thinking that they will pick it up over time and after they have bought a few trading books or done a little research on the internet. Let’s face it, the prospect of making money on a daily basis just from clicking a few buttons is a highly attractive one to the vast majority of people out there, yet so many fail time after time. I would like to explore why this is, because if you are genuinely considering putting your hard-earned cash into the market, you need to understand fully what to expect or it will be taken from you without a second thought. That is the nature of trading for the uneducated.

Here are the facts as they stand: Around 90 percent of retail market speculators trading today are losing money, meaning that around 10 percent out there are making trading work. For most people when they learn about this rather harsh reality, they have one of two reactions.Continue Reading