I remember that there used to only be one version of the classic Hasbro board game, Monopoly. Now, it seems that they have a Monopoly version for every hobby, profession, and sports team in America. According to Hasbro, Monopoly is the best-selling board game in the world, sold in 103 countries and produced in 37 languages. Since it was first introduced in 1935, the classic game has captured the imaginations of families across the country and around the world. I would even go as far as to guess and say that Monopoly might be one of the main reasons that America is an entrepreneur nation, and the game has definitely fueled people’s money making fire. After playing the game as a little kid, it is hard to leave the game without a burning desire to own a real hotel on Boardwalk or Park Place. But, now things are starting to get a little carried away. There are versions of the game for everything or so it seems now. So, I thought that it might be interesting to highlight some of the dumbest versions.

The Ten Dumbest Versions Of Monopoly….

10. The Beatles Monopoly Game
9. New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champions Monopoly
8. Monopoly Here and Now World
7. Monopoly Littlest Pet Shop
6. Monopoly Seinfeld Game
5. Family Guy™ Collector’s Edition
4. Star Trek
3. Nintendo Collector’s Edition
2. Wizard of Oz

And, The Worst Version of Monopoly…..

1. A Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly Game

Did I miss any? What is the craziest version of Monopoly you have ever seen for sale? Leave a comment below


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