Greetings Everyone, and welcome to a New Week!

While Non-Farm Payrolls is still being discussed from the Macro to Micro aspects… I still stand by my Fundamental beliefs that a single Data Point Release does not a Recovery make!

We will need to see positive GDP act as a Catalyst and compliment a good 3-month Cycle of positive NFP Data to even begin to talk of Stabilization, in my personal view.

With Unemployment due to reach 10%… which certainly be of no surprise… Economic Recovery will rise and set with overall Employment health in this country, as well as globally.

With the FOMC Meeting this week, our Correlations between Equities and The Dollar are still running Intact…despite the fact that in my view… we simply saw a combination of “Panic Selling” and “Hopeful Buying” of the Dollar Itself.

We are so eager to see some sign of Recovery, that Friday’s Price action across ALL Markets was emotional, overextended, and full of haste.

The Fed will more than likely remain exactly where it is… and we can learn from the BoE increasing their QE Activity… as The Fed would due well to simply sit tight and follow due course in this area.

The Yen and The Dollar are still the primary Drivers of the Currency Markets, as we continue to fluctuate between Risk Appetite and Risk Aversion.

As we hit the Sydney Open, The USD/JPY Unit is in a position of Accumulation… as Price is clipped at the 97.70’s Static Resistance Area here on the Hourly View.

Trend Continuation here may see Bullish Builds come into View if Price retraces a bit back to the 96.70’s and even the 96.00 Handle of “Transitive Rollover” Support Areas.

Fibonacci plays a key Role here as the Variant of 61.8% calls this Level out on the Weekly Downleg from the April 5th Highs… crucial for some Insight for Longer-Term Views.


Here is the Daily Capture for reference, and Post-Time is 22:30 GMT.






 We will see if Accumulation leading to Consolidation comes into View rather soon with the FOMC Meeting to slow down a bit of “Sentiment” moving forward.

Please join me again for more Updates as we move into Monday’s Sessions!