It is getting to the point where I just don’t want to get out of bed. Okay, it’s not that bad, but doing what I do every day is making my days blue, at least the start of each day …

  • Superstorm Sandy drove a surge in new claims for jobless benefits last week and hurt factory activity in the mid-Atlantic region in November, signs it could deal a substantial blow to economic growth in the fourth quarter.
  • As President Barack Obama and congressional leaders prepared for budget and tax talks on Friday aimed at preventing the economy from falling back into recession next year, Democrats and Republicans dug in on their long-held opposing position.
  • A row between euro zone governments and the International Monetary Fund over how to make Greece’s giant debt mountain manageable is holding up the release of 31 billion euros ($39.5 billion) in emergency loans needed to keep Athens afloat.

Hurricane Sandy is another in a long list of natural calamities that have affected the US and global economy in the last three years. US politicians are a calamity unto themselves and their potential impact on the US and global economy is clear. Europe and its ongoing fiscal issues are driving the continent deeper into recession, which is affecting the US and global economy.

The bottom line? The weather, US politicians, and an economically contracting Europe will take a toll on both the global economy and the market in the fourth quarter. If every day in the market now is a guide, all my natural optimism is out of step with reality. Perhaps it is time to pull back, settle in, and take a nice long nap. Things will get better; I just can’t see that light right now.

  • Every time I enter a trade I am on a -25 or -19, I spoke to one of the brokers and they told me is because of the spread. But my problem is, if that is the case, that means when it gets to 0 then the trend changes which means I won t make any profit. And the other thing is if I try to follow the 15m chart to the 4h chart when I decide to end a trade when the trend is strong from the 15m chart, the 1m chart always directs my trading to a loss. So my question is do I enter a trade incorrect or that is the case of the spread? My second question is on what chart do I really have to follow a trend and be able to enter a trade?

Questions like the above do not help my mood. For one, the lack of information leaves me wondering as to the details. Confusion makes me cranky and cranky adds to my blues. For another, the reader’s thinking about his problems point to a need to consider trading as an option for the reader. The dilemma he describes does not make sense to me, as it suggests there is no way to make the trade for a profit. If that is his thinking, why is he doing it?

The reader’s issues also speak to my notion of keeping it simple when trading. If one has so much trouble with the basics of a trade, the trade is too difficult or the trader lacks understanding of the trade and therefore should not be trading. Keep it simple, folks.

As I close out this morning, I still feel blue, but I am feeling an inkling of something positive. I can’t put my finger on it, but I feel it somewhere deep in my being. Perhaps it is my natural optimism fighting to find its way back to my every day thinking.

Trade in the day; Invest in your life …

Trader Ed