EURUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY -I do these three currency pairs because they represent a cross section of the market as a whole – all matching up to possible opportunities on Wild Card, 6 Aces and Royal Flushes (Trending and Elliott Wave) and they represent correlating other currencies.

Example: due to it’s very close correlation the EURUSD will show you what the USDCHF will possibly do going the other way!

This way whatever trader you are you have an idea of what the possibilities might be.

REMEMBER: THIS IS BIG PICTURE ONLY – NOT INTRADAY! Please NOTE!!!! This is an opinion only!


Greece creating huge pressure on the EURO




WHAT I SEE: I wrote last week: look to take out the targets 1.3731 then 1.3594. Did EXACTLY that.

This could be the end of the 5th wave technically speaking BUT the Fundies are driving this now. With even talk of the Euro failing! So although we are in dire need of a correction – who know if one will happen? IF we get the pullback look for seller at the 1.3731 and 1.3800 area ( .382, .500 fibo). Continuation brings the 1.3466 fib extension into play and the 1.3312 area for targets.






WHAT I SEE: – UJ stuck in a wide channel and at the bottom. Should see a correction at this level perhaps back to the .618 fibo shown at 90.41 and then we’ll see what legs it has. 1) a return to the bottom and the 88.33 area ( 0.270 extension and .382 of the big move) or a return to the top. Let the charts be the boss and tell you!





WHAT I SEE: – I wrote last week: Should see a breakout of … with further targets at 122.10-34 area. Did that.

This is a really long down ride but we are still potentially only in Wave 3 -so watch for a pullback . Look for sellers at the 124.60 ( HSI S7 Area) with a target at support at 119.78 and 118.50 ( HSI S8).





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