Look, I am still not sure about this Twitter thing. I started a page some time ago, followed a few interesting people and companies, posted a few updates of my own – and still felt rather empty. Just because Ashton and Demi ‘tweet’, does it mean all of us have to?

If you are not familiar with the Twitter concept, here is the basic idea: it is a website where you update your latest thoughts and activities. You can also follow what others are saying. I for example am following the CBOT, the CBOE, Governor Schwarzenegger, CNN, Eddie Izzard, BBC, Jimmy Fallon, Jack Welch and the Whitehouse among others. Updates are no longer than a SMS message.

I’m not sure when the site started, but the concept has become very popular in the last year or so. Given its critical mass, it’s now a great way to keep in touch with businesses, your friends and even your kids or grandkids (ask them, I bet they know all about it).

Perhaps there is something in the water, but today I decided to rehash my Twitter page. Wearing my serious face, I deleted my old tweets and have started afresh. Along with general ramblings, I’ll be posting daily trading tips.

If you are new to it all, have a look at www.twitter.com. Look for people or things you may be interested in. I think it only works if you follow a dozen or more interests.

If you are already on Twitter, follow me (www.twitter.com/guybower). Also feel free to tell me what you’d like to see there.