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I was a very little girl, before I knew how to read, I was fascinated
by Business Week, which my father got every Saturday by
subscription. The cover was standard: a man’s face (always a man
then) under a red masthead. I knew my numbers so I would turn to the
page the front page jumped to. I wanted to see more pictures of the man and his
office and his house and family. I usually was disappointed.

a bankrupt Business Week has been sold by the McGraw family
(as in McGraw-Hill) to the Bloomberg empire of
Hizzoner, the Mayor of NY. My father, who had mainly studied classics
in his German Gymnasium, became a corporate executive after fleeing to
America from the Nazis, and the magazine helped him learn the
language and logic of businessmen in his new homeland.

was an MBA without having to take off from work.

free blog will now end because they are sawing and banging to build
scaffolding outside my office window and I cannot concentrate well.
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editor thought she had managed to sell her Guoco Leisure from
her E-trade account at the price she wanted despite being
informed by the on-line brokerage that there is no market-maker.
Maybe they found one. I nearly got $5.35/sh for the same GUORY.PK which has
been in my account for a while. Right after I congratulated my Greek-American customer man for finally getting this trade done, I was called by the trading desk which said it had busted the trade. I am about to change brokers yet again. For business reasons you will be told about when the time is ripe I will be moving to Interactive Brokerage.

*Thanks to JP Morgan-Chase and Jamie Dimon, I am again over the highwater line in my brokerage account. Jamie is another Greek-American. I got into JP honestly, because I used to own Manufacturers Hanover (with an unfashionable name) which provides the backbone for JPM in NYC.

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