Cell phone companies are lining up to compete for your business. You can save money by changing your current plan or switching to a new provider. Most major cell phone carries offer unlimited plans but the rates can be drastically different. T-Mobile customers pay $49.99 for unlimited calling. For $69.99 Sprint customers receive unlimited calling, internet access, text and picture messaging. AT&T recently announced a $69.99 plan that includes unlimited minutes. Verizon’s unlimited plan is $99.99 and it cost $129.99 for web browsing and text messaging. A customer that switches from Verizon to Sprint would save $60 a month off of their cell phone service. That’s an extra $720 a year. Be aware that there may be cancellation fees if you have a contract with your cell phone provider. You may be able to get out of your contract without paying a cent if your cell phone company has changed the terms of your contract. If you aren’t able to get out of your contract, you can get them to prorate the amount that you owe based on the remaining months left in your contract.


Photo by: Honou