Terremark Worldwide
(TMRK) has reportedly expanded its portfolio of premium cloud computing solutions with the introduction of vCloud Express service. This represents the latest addition to the company’s suite of VMware (VMW) Virtualized service offerings. vCloud Express will be initially launched on a limited basis (beta-version) followed by a full commercial launch expected by the end of 2009.

vCloud Express is a flexible on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud computing solution. Cloud computing is a process of computing where tasks are assigned to a combination of connections, software and services (jointly forming the “Cloud”) which can be accessed over a network.

Terremark remains a key player in the IT infrastructure solutions market. Leveraging its data centers across North America, Europe and Latin America, the company offers high standard and reliable platforms to deploy computing, network, storage and IT infrastructure solutions.

Terremark is one of the leading hosting service providers of VMware, a major player in the virtualization software market. The company uses VMware’s virtualization software platform to offer its co-location and managed infrastructure services. In this area, Terremark competes with VMware’s other hosting partners such as Savvis (SVVS), AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ). VMware further strengthened its relationship with Terremark by buying a 5% stake in the company in May 2009.

Terremark continues to address the growing demand in the enterprise cloud computing market segment. The company forayed into the cloud computing market with the launch of Enterprise Cloud (E Cloud) in June 2008, leveraging its Infinistructure utility computing platform. E Cloud is an innovative and fast cloud computing solution for critical applications at the enterprise level. It has generated significant appeal in the market place and won several customer contracts and considerable interest from federal government customers.

We believe that Terremark’s industry leading product/service portfolio, coupled with a differentiated execution strategy, uniquely positions it to leverage attractive market trends in the rapidly growing cloud computing market.
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