Well, I finally sat in my positions and followed my rules per my last couple posts. That was a victory.

I bought FAS and URE in the 3ish rally fakeout. I was in chat with Think or Swim because my account was not displaying real time quotes; I didn’t even notice the market tanking into close. The quote thing kinda messed things up a bit today. However, I loaded up on these stocks last Thursday on a similar beginning of a rally so those trades were not bad. I had like a .15 gain in my short of AZK, but it bounced up just as quickly it dropped.

My aim of following my exit rules was achieved today even though the $ results were ugly. I was not anxious about it all even though I was “losing money”. I guess I just needed to talk about it and write several posts about it to get a little perspective.

FAS -.10 L Stopped out; ETFs need more than .10 stop
URE -.06 L Exited at EOD – rally failed
AZK -.02 S Exited on 10/60 SMA Cross on 1 Min
Fees -.03 Commissions
TOTAL -.21