Delaware Trend A (DELTX) seeks long-term capital appreciation by primarily investing in small, growth-oriented or emerging companies.

The fund uses a bottom-up approach to create a portfolio and normally maintains its position in a stock until it fully achieves its growth potential. It analyzes price-to-earnings ratios, estimated growth rates, market capitalization and cash flows to determine the attractiveness of a company.

Medarex Inc. (MEDX), Sepracor Inc. (SEPR) and Abraxis BioScience Inc. (ABII) are among the fund’s key holdings.

Delaware International Value Equity A (DEGIX) was incepted in October 1991. The investment seeks long-term growth without undue risk to principal.

The fund invests primarily in equity securities of issuers from foreign countries but may invest more than 25% of assets in the securities of issuers located in the same country. As of May 31, its portfolio turnover was 44%.

Shareholders have to make a minimum initial investment of $1,000 to enter this Zacks#1 Rank (“Strong Buy”) fund. It offers dividends and capital gains annually in December.

Delaware Corporate Bond A (DGCAX) seeks total return by primarily investing in corporate bonds that are rated BBB or higher.

The fund may invest in common stock and preferred stocks, convertibles and warrants. It may also hold cash or other money market instruments. The fund typically maintains an average duration of between four and seven years.

Roger A. Early has been lead manager at the fund since May 2007. It has topped the total returns of its benchmark index in the last 1-, 3- and 5-year periods.


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