I am an independent intra-day trader (equities). My trading style focuses on executing orders in 100 share blocks and paying only 40 cents per trade, and using fast-key order execution.

My system of trading is based on capitalizing on intra-day pull-backs and reversals in price action. I don’t use any technical indicators other then candle stick charts (1 min chart primarily) and support/resistance levels (intra-day), and sometimes volume bars comes into play. For instance, I will wait for a quick run-up in price on AAPL, usually 75 cents within 1-10 minutes, then I will SHORT once the price has broken an intermediate resistance level (or top) and grab 15-25 cents off the pull-back. I always trade in 100 share blocks.

My system of trading depends primarily on two factors: that you learn the mechanics of fast-key ordering (using Level 2 quote chart and keyboard controls to execute orders), and that you have a pay-per-share broker. You should not be paying more then 40 cents per trade, when trading in 100 share blocks.


There is more to this strategy; this is only the general methodology.

Please visit my website for more info on my intra-day trading methodology: