Good Day TraderPlanet Citizens!

One of our members came up with the great idea of producing short, online videos to tell the story of this cool social networking site for traders. From the concepts behind TraderPlanet, “Life On the Planet“, to the site’s focus on Education, “Education“, and the importance of giving back through Charities on TraderPlanet, “Charity” and finally one that touches on the content contributions available on the Planet, “Contribution“.

You will see more of these short videos in the weeks to come, and we encourage all our members to e-mail them or post them up to their website.We’re asking for everyone’s help in spreading the word about the Planet through other online communities you participate in, such as MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc., or just sending an email invite to your contacts list.

Thanks to everyone for the effort in helping us build and expand the content and the membership of TraderPlanet.

Our next update will come over the next few days as the site is developing so quickly and we want to make sure you see all the great additions we are making.

Have a great trading week!

The Team