Good day TraderPlanet citizens!

We have made some incredible progress since our last blog post — especially with building out and solidly testing our TraderPlanet blogs interface. We’ve also implemented a new “dual blogging” tool that is super easy to set up and use — it allows any blog author to automatically post their existing blog threads onto TraderPlanet as well.This gives you bloggers a connection to a whole new Planet, so to speak, with very little effort. Click here to learn

Our content keeps growing each day, featuring our top notch team of TraderPlanet market commentators, including:

  • Darrell Jobman
  • Jim Wyckoff
  • Kevin Klombies
  • Van Tharp
  • John Ehlers

Video, webinar, and blog content all have grown, and the upcoming days and weeks will see that hugely expand.We have enhanced the whole menu structure to make it as quick and intuitive as possible to get right to the content you are looking for.

For those citizens whose purpose on this Planet is to serve and educate traders, we just premiered the Company Membership program.The Explorer Membership offers a free company profile which serves as your initial introduction to the TraderPlanet community.

The Adventurer and Conqueror Memberships provide companies who wish to make a long term commitment to serving this great Planet of traders, the ability to employ the most robust promotional elements to expose their great educational content.TraderPlanet citizens have been instructed to seek out Adventurers and Conquerors as trusted educational resources, and the rewards of service will come through their patronage of your products and services.

Thanks for stopping by to check in on our progress.Be sure to come back often as we’ll have frequent updates as our community begins to take shape and the public begins to learn of our existence.

We wish you the very best of trading success and invite your ideas and suggestions.Post a comment here or write to us at