Hello there TraderPlanet Citizens,


As we are into the holiday season, the folks here at TraderPlanet are working like Santa right now, looking all around the site, and checking it twice.

We are making sure everything is working properly, and making all the technology behind the site play nice. 


We are building the site with content coming in from market data, news, and commentary sources,

Plus all the videos, audio interviews, blogs, online quizzes and courses.


Educational webinars are on many traders wish list this year,

And we are building a great variety of them as our “official” launch day comes near.


We have new content coming in from the Futures Industry Association, the exchanges, and many of the best trading and educational firms that are here to serve us all.

The blog engine, the servers, and the charts and quotes have all been recently upgraded with great feedback from many of our members to keep us on the ball.


New blogs are appearing daily with recent additions from The Hightower Report, Michael Covel with trendfollowing, and some great posts by The Mystery Trader.  

It is all coming together quite nicely, and launch day is going to be sooner than later.


Here at the TraderPlanet workshop, we would love you to contribute all of the ideas and input that you can.  Whether it is something you notice that is not working just right,

Or a suggestion for how to find some of your favorite spots on the planet quickly day or night.


Shoot us an email with anything that you find,

And keep sharing all the great ideas that you have in mind.


Thanks for bearing with this corny holiday jingle,

About our efforts to build the coolest spot on the web for traders and investors to mingle.


Be sure to pass the word along about TraderPlanet to other traders, investors, and industry folks you know should be aware.  

We’ll be sure to keep busy in the workshop adding the trading information, insight, and education that all of our members can share.


The TraderPlanet Team