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My name is Greg Firman and I am currency analyst for The trades of the day are based around the vantage point software and to assist in understanding the trades please take the time to watch the enclosed video link.

Trade 1


We are looking to fade (sell) rally to 1.2630 area with resistance 1 at 1.2562 resistance 2 at 1.2665 and resistance 3 at 1.2678. Our target is 1.2420 area.

Trade 2


We are looking to buy on dips with support 1 at 1.1818 support 2 at 1.1740 and support 3 at 1.1689. Our entry tonight is support 1 at 1.1818 and Stops are below 1.1689. Our target is 1.1920.

Trade 3


We are looking to buy dips with support 1 at 98.00 support 97.90 and support 3 at 96.84. entry point is support 2 at 97.90 and our target is 98.71 with stops below 96.84.