I will update the below; I know it’s not complete. My goal is to compile a list of links to current and old trading blogs. I have a few things I have to do today, and I have already dedicated too much time to the below =) If you really want your blog added right now, send me an email (comments will be turned off). Otherwise, be assured, I will get to you soon.

Last update on February 19, 2009

59 Cedar Street
Abnormal Returns
AC Investor
Action Points
Active Traders
Afraid to Trade
The Aleph Blog
Am I Bald?
Anarco’s Blog
Anne’s Forex Blog
Apex Trader
Attitude Trader
The Balance Sheet
Between the Hedges
The Big Picture
Big Trend Trader
The Bonddad Blog
Buy on the Dip
Chicken Smith
Chris Perruna
Closet Daytrader
Cluster Stock
Clueless Q Trader
Cobra’s Market View
Critcal Mass Blog
Crude Oil Trader
Daily Options Report
The Daily Speculator
Danny’s Blog
Dematties [dot] com
The Denarii Trader
Dinosaur Trader
The Disciplined Investor
The Dogwood Report
Don Miller Trading
Downtown Trader
Dummy Spots
Emini Addict
Est. 2007
Fallond Stock Picks
Fear and Greed Trader
The Financial Ninja
The Fly
Forex Intraday Trading
Formerly ADD Trader
Fresh Salt Water
Gaming the Market
The Gold and Oil Guy
Green on the Screen
Had Enough Therapy?
Hawaii Trader
Hector Trader
High Probability Trading
The Housing Time Bomb
How I Daytrade
Howard Lindzon
The Impatient Trader
Infiniteyield Forex
Jules in Jumbles
Just Charts
Kevin’s Market Blog
The Kirk Report
The Lauriston Letter
Leonard the Monkey
The Lonely Trader
Luna $ Ticks
The Macro Trader
Market Monk’s Musings
Market Rewind
Market Roll
Market Time
Master of the Universe
Match Point Trader
Miss Trade
Momo Stock Trader
Move the Markets
Musings of a Trader
Naked Trader
Neural Market Trends
No Brainer Trades
Nocturne Strat Espial
Not the Real Thing
Not Really Sure
O. G. Options
One Bad Trade
Online Stock Trading
Option Maestro
Options Expiration Trader
Overcoming Bias
Phileo’s Picture Windows
Phil Town
PRD-day trader
Pursuing Wealth
Predict Wall Street
Quantifiable Edges
Rajun Cajun
Read the Prospectus
Really Not the Real Thing
Reflexivity in Finance
The Reformed Broker
Robin Hood Trader
Ryan O’Keefe
Simply Options Trading
Skill Analytics
Slope of Hope
The Smart Money Tracker
SMB Training
Stock Bee
Stock Chartist
Stock Insight
Stock Market Psychology
Stock Punk
Stock Rookie
Stops Are In
Stump News
Swing Trade Stocks
Technically Speaking
The Technical Trader
Ticker Sense
Timothy Sykes
Todd’s Trade
Toni Hansen’s Online Trading Blog
Trade 4 Cash
A Trade a Day
Trader Eyal
Trader Development
Trader Feed
Trader Gav
Trader Ghost
Trader Mike
Trader Rick
Trade or Invest
Trader Psychology
Trade While Working
Trading 4 Living
Trading Advice
Trading Bots
Trading Goddess Stock Blog!
Trader’s Narrative
Trend and Value
Ugly Chart
Upside Trader
Value Blog Review
Very Smart Investing
Vital Trends
VIX and More
Wall Street Fighter
The Wall Street Matador
Wall Street Warrior
Wang’s Happy Trading
We’re All Full of Bull
Weekly TA
Zen Trader