I wish to invest in options and small-caps based on advice from a newsletter because I do not wish to personally perform the research necessary to make profitable trades; nor do I have the personal competence or temperament to trade on my own. I receive at least three email-hyped solicitations weekly for option/small-cap investment letters that purport to convey trade entry and exit recommendations. All of them cost between $300 to $4000 annually, and all claim 75 to 100% accuracy. All want my credit card info in advance in order to obtain the “free” trial and “money-back” guarantee if I don’t profit substantially. So I’m naturally circumspect of all of them.

Is there an independent web site that rates these purveyors? 

                                            Randy from Option town


Randy, let me first congratulate you on your honest self-appraisal. You are a model for those who need to do the same self-appraisal regarding trading.

Let me also congratulate you on your assessment of an industry focused on charging money for advice that will surely “make you money.” Many of the offerings “out there” are good and affordable, but far too many give you nothing but nothing for your dollars. Ultimately, you may decide to pay for your information, but you should only do that AFTER you have checked out the purveyor, and you feel comfortable with the information.

Below are two web sites for your review. The first specializes in discussing free newsletters. The second deals with options trading, and it appears to have a free newsletter. These links are good starting points to get you moving down a path that will get you what you want in the trading world.

Good fortune, you smart person, you …

Trade in the day; invest in your life …

Trader Ed