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Gold Will Rise To New Levels

7  October, 2009

Let’s talk about gold shall we? The market may have hestited the other day but hang on to your hats because we look all set to reach a new all time high by Christmas as I mentioned before.

We are just on 1400 today and we may see a slip back as far as 1200 (buy) but a glance at the MACD will show the positive cross over we have been waiting for. Gold is heading for higher ground!

This 2 minute video will show you exactly what I mean.

This is a only a short but valuable trading video prepared by Adam Hewison of MarktClub and he has something special lined up for you so be sure to take the time to watch it.

Take a look at how we can see where gold is heading right now.

As always, the video is free to watch, no sign up or registration is necessary.

If you enjoy it, share it with your trading friends.

Happy trading guys,


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