Today Gold, Oil, SPX, EuroDollar and group of others found the sympathy to start trading together – they all stopped bottom as 38.2% line which is really “mini” minium game for corrective a wave. EuroDollar wedges pinpoints this clearly, it´s really missing agressive legs down and possibility a lot also.

I have my reasons to believe that this targeted 1.4000 will not be even enough, we might have much larger correction on the tape but let´s go there first. Eurodollar price really have no any chance to go back inside of wedge anymore. SPX took some small reversals in very last minutes, but I don´t think it can resist this gravity either we should have now. 

I don´t even know why I came out, but price seems to ramp higher to correct todays plunge, so cannot complain. 1,4225 – 1,4285 is shorting road but there´s no guarantee any high retracement up will be anymore seen. I placed pretty much every fib area short order. 1,4255 is 61,8%.  1,4180 opened first allready as 38.2%.

As everyone in the indursty knows Usd-Jpy have huge size bearish HS behind with 240 minute data and 95,00 was 50% fibonacci long, this is very likely bearish OR continue pattern we´re dealing with, but one very rapid & fast wave upside movement is missing with all of these triangles.

More than charts below shows, there was also in 5 minute chart bullish triangle, that´s why I just blowed price up for 96,35 in asian market – but it´s done & gone now. Should be short setup now and that´s what I do as next, but in longer perspective prepare for those e bottoms where price should take significant reversal and breake these triangles to the upside – once there upside movement should also end and price reverse again. Perhaps 100,00 or 101,00…