TransMontaigne Partners LP (TLP) has been a steady player over the last year in a very volatile environment, surprising and beating in each of the last 4 quarters by an average of 11 cents, or 24%.

Company Description

TransMontaigne Partners provides storage and transportation services for companies producing refined petroleum products in the United States. The company was founded in 2005 and has a market cap of $345 million.

Shares of TLP are up huge over the last 6 months as energy prices have rallied with the overall market. The company also helped its cause with better than expected second-quarter results, reported on August 6.

Second-Quarter Results

Revenue was up $700,000 from last year to $35.8 million. Earnings came in at 59 cents per share, 14 cents ahead of the Zacks Consensus Estimate. The company has beat in each of the last 4 quarters by an average of 11 cents, or 24%.

Estimates Up

Estimates have been trending higher of the last few months, with the current year adding 18 cents and climbing to $2.09. The next-year estimate is also up 18 cents to $2.20, a modest 5%.


Based on the current-year estimate, this stock has a P/E multiple of 13X, a discount to the overall market.

The Chart

Shares of TLP have been rallying big for the last 6 months, jumping from just above $14 in early March to a recent high above $28, where some short-term resistance has developed. Take a look below.

1255365224.JPGZacks Investment Research