My short of BBW overnight worked out well. This is dork-dom at it’s best: I covered my paper trade on my phone using ThinkPod as I was in a meeting away from my home office. What a high roller I am! I exited the short at $4.50 for a more than quarter gain, and it went down even more later in the PM. I was up $260 and very excited maybe to get green in my paper account, but my short of PEI around 3:20pm went against me. I sold short on a long wick that ended up being LOD rather than a tall red candle. My main problem with this trade was I did not follow my exit rules; if I had, my loss would not had been as bad. Ended up up $106 on the day when factoring in the commissions.

I will return later and post my new worksheet that I am going to use to track my consistency in following my rules. Tomorrow is when I am going to officially start using it as I didn’t get the chance to finish it and print a batch of them up today.