After many crashes, data feed lags and slow operation when I have multiple charts up (not to mention the blurriness in my second monitor since I have a conversion device and not a true dual monitor video card), I decided to get a new computer that I’m going to solely use for trading. I’m doing this for both practical reasons as well as psychological reasons. On the new PC, I’m going to load a very minimal amount of software and store very few files on it – hopefully this will keep things fast. Also, when I turn off my trading station, I’ll be done for the day and will shift to my “work” computer. This will take up a little extra space and a manual switch of one of the monitors but will be worth it.

I think I got a good deal. I’m basically quadruplicating (4X) my processing speed with a dual core at 3.76 GHZ, and doubling RAM to 4 G.B. I also bought a dual display video card, and after rebates the whole deal is costing me around $500.

If you’re looking to upgrade, this seems like a good deal…FYI, expires tomorrow. Sharing this just in case it helps someone (not as advertising), but if you think I’m getting ripped off, let me know and I can cancel the order and go in another direction.