Not so often, but sometimes my most favorite patterns appears somewhere and in very rare cases it appears also as clear as it is at this time with USD-CHF. My old readers certainly know I mean diagonals which are very high propability patterns plus my favorite one´s, but what really surprize me is how deeply FX market trades by physical fib numbers as well. Stocks do the same, but nothing this hardcore FX market does.

I noticed this accidently on sunday night and kept watching next 48 hours. It´s very good indicator for Eur-Usd also and I was not surpriced that at the same time as Eur-Usd found 1.2700 bottom as perfect fib number + distance to fullfill that last W5 (1.27) Swiss Frang found it with price 1.168 (or 2 pips lower).

Euro expects to see surprizing ratecut by ECB and speculation starting to roll in immediately after asian market dropped W5 down with Eur-Usd on sunday night (for my previous 2 hours wedge chart) which was missing only W5. Therefore I suppose I was right also with that W3 doublebottom.

Let´s see how does it progress now, but pattern works now. Enjoy the view of USD-CHF 2 and 4 hours charts plus yearlong daily chart below. You cannot deny that first leg down was also impulse, this is why I marked it as impulse W1.